Case Study:

Let’s Lunch…..and Learn!

A private sector client was undergoing significant growth with lots of exciting opportunities and changes happening. They wanted to re-energise their employees by taking ‘time out’ over a spot of lunch and also provide some ‘take away’ tips regarding change management.

They approached 4WARD to design and deliver an energising and engaging ‘bite-size’ training session during a lunch time. Discussions identified that the session needed to be:
* no more than one hour
* interactive and allow people to eat their lunch
* practical, punchy and motivationa…

Top Tip…

If you can’t change the situation, regain control and change the way you think about it!

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What’s New?

Bite-Size Training!

Do you want to develop your people? Is it challenging to find time to do this? If so, our Bite-Size training sessions could be just for you!

What do we mean by Bite-Size? Well, these sessions are short, focused and designed to give participants practical tips that they can take away and use straight away. Various topics such as giving feedback, managing change, influence & persuasion – You simply choose your “menu” and we provide the service!

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Please contact us to arrange a no-obligation discussion to explore how Bite-Size training can help you develop your people to perform. Call Caroline on 07748 932194 or email