Do you want to unlock your team’s potential?

This 2-day programme will enable you to develop effective coaching skills. Designed for Managers, Supervisors and Training Professionals, you will learn how to:

  • Coach others to optimum performance
  • Adapt your coaching style to fit the situation
  • Encourage self awareness
  • Challenge limiting beliefs/negative assumptions
  • Elicit a fresh perspective & focus on the future
  • Facilitate behaviour change
  • Become a confident and credible coach!

“You’ve made the workshops and the content of the certificate enjoyable and interesting. What I’ve learnt over the last 8 months has made me more determined to pursue what’s hopefully a successful career in HR”

“Interesting course and fun; Able to work with colleagues I don’t usually work with; Able to share different points of view”

“Very interactive, learned a lot and time passed quickly”

“What went well? Everything!! Energy, organisation, facilitation skills, examples used, practice/scenario session”

With thanks from every manager… for the input in helping shape the organisation for the future