Do you want to unlock management potential?

4WARD Management Toolkits are an innovative suite of development programmes designed for First Line Managers to help them succeed in today’s competitive and fast changing business world.

There are four toolkit programmes to choose from:

Each programme:

  • Balances theory with practical application
  • Can be attended through our open courses or delivered in-house
  • Includes a Toolkit to take away and use immediately
  • Is endorsed by the Institute of Leadership and Management
  • Includes lunch/refreshments

“You’ve made the workshops and the content of the certificate enjoyable and interesting. What I’ve learnt over the last 8 months has made me more determined to pursue what’s hopefully a successful career in HR”

“Interesting course and fun; Able to work with colleagues I don’t usually work with; Able to share different points of view”

“Very interactive, learned a lot and time passed quickly”

“What went well? Everything!! Energy, organisation, facilitation skills, examples used, practice/scenario session”

With thanks from every manager… for the input in helping shape the organisation for the future